The Comm4Science team would like to thank all the speakers and participants of the conference. It was a great event with a lively exchange of ideas which would have not been possible without you!

If you wish to obtain a certificate of attendance and you have not informed us about it so far, please write to tairi.aljand[at] Also, some of the presentations will be made available to the participants of Comm4Science. If you would like to gain access to these, please let us know.


Comm4Science – communicating science beyond the lab

6th and 7th May 2016

Comm4Science is an international conference promoting communication of life sciences to the public. This event continues the tradition of Comm4Biotech, a joint project of btS Heidelberg and Nouvelle Génération des Biotechnologistes (NGB), which attracted more than 200 visitors from the European Union (for pictures see below). The aim of Comm4Science is to emphasize that science is strongly intertwined with society and to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come along with it. The invited speakers will address different issues concerning communication of life sciences in journalism, politics and health care.

The program of the conference encourages an active exchange of ideas. Each talk is followed by a short discussion round, allowing the participants to ask questions or to express their opinion. In addition, there is an opportunity to participate in a workshop dealing with science communication in more detail. A final panel discussion provides a platform for further conversation about specific topics. You will have the opportunity to actively shape the panel discussion by submitting your questions anonymously on the first day of the conference. We hope that Comm4Science will narrow the gap between science and society, leading to a more lively exchange in the future.

We kindly invite scientists, students and anybody with an interest in science communication to take part in the conference. See you at Comm4Science!


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